Strata Management Prices


We believe in being open, honest and upfront so that you and your fellow owners can know exactly what you will pay in advance for management services which we have fixed in advance.


With Strata Management SA, the only expenses you will see on your financial statement are the management related charges listed below, your insurance premium and the maintenance expenditure agreed by you and your fellow owners.

Management fees cover all of the services listed on our Strata Management or Community Management pages which are titled 'Agreed Services' in our management agreement.


The management fee is based on the number of units in the group​ while we need to assess matters such as meetings, caretaker & committee involvement to provide you with the best possible price matched to your needs.

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Meeting Charges

Each corporation must have an Annual General Meeting and during the year some corporations may need Extraordinary General Meetings or Committee Meetings. 


We believe that a good meeting takes between 1 hour and 90 minutes and as such our hourly rate for meetings is extended to cover the first hour and a half.


We know that it is not convenient for all meetings to be held during office hours and as such we have options for your convenience:


  • $100 + GST for 1.5 hours for meetings starting between 8am and 4pm Monday to Friday

  • $150 + GST for 1.5 hours for meetings starting between 4pm and 6pm Monday to Thursday

  • Meetings outside of these times by negotiation

We have meeting rooms available for use at our office which cater for meetings without hassle, all of which are equipped with whiteboards and television screens which can be used to access information stored within our systems.

We are happy to have meetings at our office, or in your unit or at another convenient location.  Meetings should be set to ensure that as many owners as possible can attend and we actively promote this.

Disbursements are the cost of providing necessary information to owners and keeping files for corporations that meet legislative requirements.  This is charged at a flat rate and the same for each corporation so that you know up front exactly what the cost will be and owners need not be afraid of additional charges for asking questions - we want to help you!


$3.00 plus GST per unit/lot per month.

This includes all postage, email communication, photocopying, archival storage and the provision of your dedicated online portal which gives access to current reports, live financial data, previous minutes and correspondence (with every invoice available for the management committee members).

Tax Return - Most corporations do not need to lodge a tax return and we find that this can save corporations hundreds of dollars each year as we use a non-interest bearing account unless you have enough funds to earn interest greater than the cost of the tax return

Audit  - This is an Annual requirement and most clients opt to make use of the group trust account audit by independent auditor each year but the corporation is able to also arrange a comprehensive independent audit should they choose.



We know that we provide fantastic service at a sensational price and trust that you will agree.  


We are happy to put together an obligation free quotation and can discuss your needs with yourself and your fellow owners.


To arrange a quotation or discussion please email us or phone 83505699