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Community Management


Our experienced, friendly, trustworthy team provide expert property services in taking developments from buildings to communities and their ongoing management to reduce stress for unit owners.


Strata Management SA provides quality Community Management services for properties within South Australia.  We have the expertise to assist Community Title land divisions and strata schemes with their ongoing management, maintenance, financial and administration needs.  


It is important when appointing a manager for your community that you find one who knows the difference between a strata  and community and how the legislation impacts upon your property to ensure that you are protected at all times.

Community Mount Barker

Community Maintenance


Land Division

In a land division lot owners own everything within their individual boundaries and as such the maintenance of gardens, the building and painting of external areas will be maintained by the lot owner.


  • In the example photograph above the body corporate manager should make contact with the owner to arrange grounds maintenance on their property.


Strata Schemes

At Strata Management SA, we visit each Community regularly to ensure that maintenance continues to be addressed.


  • In the property seen below, one lot exists above another making it a strata scheme.  In this case the lot owners own the property within the walls of the apartment and the corporation maintains the common property including the walls of the building.

Community Management Evanston


  • The Community Titles Act 1996 places obligations on the corporation to set up Administrative and Sinking funds

  • Levy notices must be sent to all owners for amounts as set by the body corporate at a meeting at least 2 weeks prior to their due date


Community Managers

Strata Management SA provides practical support for communities, navigating the complexities of community management. Through clear communication and diligent oversight, community managers facilitate smooth operations and guide residents in understanding their rights and responsibilities as outlined in the Community Title.


We aim to foster functional communities, ensuring that every aspect of community life runs smoothly.

At Strata Management SA, we:

  • Provide quarterly financial updates to all community members

  • We prepare realistic community development plans and draft budgets for consideration by community managers, which are sent out prior to each Annual General Meeting

  • Monitor and follow up on arrears by owners on levy contributions promptly to minimise arrears issues

  • Engage professional debt collectors to collect outstanding debts ensuring all monies are received by the corporation

What is a Community Title?


A Community Title is a division of land into lots and common property that may be either a horizontal land division known as a community scheme, or a community strata scheme where one lot is above another.



Community titles are governed by by-laws that differ from property to property and the boundaries of a community lot do not generally relate to a structure unless the lot is contained within a building such as an apartment.


Certificate of Title

Lot owners within a Community Corporation own the lot as per their Certificate of Title and a share of the common property which is defined by the lot entitlement value shown on the community plan.



New Community developments like the one shown above need to have a First Statutory General Meeting within 3 months of there being more than one owner.


If you are building, or have bought into a new community development, please see further information here or give us a call, we are happy to help.


Community titled properties of greater than 2 lots need to have an Annual General Meeting each year. At Strata Management SA we help corporations under our management by taking the worry away in every step of the meeting from preparing agendas, chairing and minuting the meeting.


For your convenience we gladly hold meetings at a time and location that suits the majority of your owners, from Whyalla to West Beach, Mount Gambier to Morphett Vale, Salisbury to Seacliff, we are active in your area and here to help.



Community Corporations are governed by rules that differ from corporation to corporation which are by-laws and scheme descriptions.  For more information please see our by-laws page.

These by-laws are rules that help govern the community and are created to suit the specific needs of the community members. By-laws can cover a range of topics, including noise levels, pet ownership, parking and the use of common property.


Community members need to familiarise themselves with the by-laws of their community corporation to ensure they comply with the rules and regulations. For more information on the specific by-laws that govern your community corporation, please consult your strata manager.

Community West Lakes
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