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We believe our expert team provide a sensational service and we aren't the only ones...


​Adriana in Broadview:

"Michael, thank you very much for organizing the meeting yesterday.  What a pleasant surprise for me and I am pretty sure that all the other owners were pleasantly surprised too.

I never met such a good strata manager in my entire life.  You are very professional with common sense and you are looking after the best interest of your clients.  You are very straight forward and down to earth and explain things in plain English and clearly.  I was really impressed last night."

Steve in North Adelaide:

"Michael, I just wanted to say that the trades you have sent to do work here at (unit group) have all done a great job. Cheers"

Bart in Mount Barker:

"Hi Paul, the email you sent out about the speeding was well written and hopefully taken onboard by all owners, I just hope this is also passed on by the owners to any rental agents and on to any tenants.  Thanks for your help with this matter."

Peter - Developer:

"Hi Michael, thanks for your time today.  We were quite impressed with your professionalism and honesty and look forward to dealing with you going forward"


Jenny in Marleston:


"As a long-term Management Committee member at multiple properties, I have dealt with a lot of Strata Managers over the years and have found Michael and Paul the best of the lot.  They are extremely capable with brilliant interpersonal skills.  They have tackled difficult or tricky situations for my groups which have been too hard for other companies.  I have been very grateful to have their knowledge and expertise to call upon and value them highly.  Thank you guys!"

Mark in Glenelg:

"Paul, thank you for the service you have provided in the management of my investment properties.  You have always shown a high degree of professionalism throughout this period and the clarity and efficiency of the reporting and your management of the processes has had a very positive impact on my own experience as a property investor.


I look forward to our continuing association with you and Strata Management SA."


Sarah in Morphett Vale:

"Thank you Paul for helping us save money.  We are so happy to finally have a manager who has been to (our unit group), seen the issues at our property and is helping us to fix them."


Nicole in Norwood:

"Thank you Michael for conducting the meeting tonight, it is a relief to return to professional management."

Murray in Magill:

"Paul, thank you for the work you did last night under the most difficult of circumstances.  You don't know how happy I am that you are Strata Manager, you do a great job."



Esme in Mount Barker:

"Paul, you have done a really good job re-writing the rules for our corporation, everyone should be happy."



John in Brompton:

"On behalf of our strata I would like to convey my sincere appreciation for the effort of our Strata Manager Michael Haines in resolving the most difficult of situations encountered.  In spite of asking several previous strata managers for assistance, we were unable to ever resolve this issue until Michael took charge.


This whole issue reflects positively on the professionalism of your company as a whole.  We would thoroughly recommend Michael and your company to any prospective corporate body."



Rebecca in Happy Valley:

"Michael has excellent negotiation skills and the ability to problem solve which is most appreciated when sometimes a client is not completely sure of the problem let alone the solution."



Ann in Oakden:

"Hi Paul, many thanks for taking the time to talk those owners in attendance at our meeting, we very much appreciated your input and advice.  It was very clear to all that you were very solid in your business acumen, your approach and certainly your friendly manner in all aspects."



Meryl in Goolwa:

"Paul and Michael, thanks so much for your help, we did achieve our goal!"



Kaye in Hove:

"Thanks Paul, so grateful you found this!!! I've felt sick thinking of what might have been..... Could have been an absolute disaster."

This corporation was uninsured when we collected their records, but our review of the corporations records quickly spotted the issue and allowed us to rectify it immediately.



Kathy in North Adelaide:

"Michael, Thank you for attending our meeting last night, addressing our group and answering all of our questions."



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