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What Strata Management SA can do for you


We are a high quality provider of efficient body corporate management services to strata and community titled commercial shopping centres, industrial estates and residential properties ranging from duplexes to apartment buildings, marinas, townhouses and housing estates.


Our flexible and mobile service has ensured that our clients receive a service that meets their needs while ensuring compliance with legislation at all times.  


We are here to listen to unit owners and to provide the support, advice and understanding that will assist with owning in a Strata or Community development whether an owner occupier or investor.


Contact us today to see how we can help you with your body corporate.

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Strata Management

Strata Title in South Australia is a property titled under the Strata Titles Act 1988.  These properties can be residential, commercial, retail, mixed use (such as apartments above shops), serviced apartments, retirement villages, caravan parks, marinas and resorts.


Stratas come in many types and styles and it is common to see across the suburbs of Adelaide low rise single story properties, and some multi-storey groups of units and townhouses. 


In South Australia there have been no new Strata titled properties since the Community Titles Act 1996 came into effect in November 2001.


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Community Management


The Strata Titles Act was never repealed and as such South Australia has both Strata and Community Titled properties side by side.


A Community Title property is a division of land into lots created under the Community Titles Act 1996 which came into effect in November 2001.


There are two types of Community Titled properties, which are:



Strata Scheme where one lot is above another which is commonly seen in apartment blocks and mixed use properties with apartments above ground level shops.



Land Division where the divided lots do not have another lot above them which is commonly seen in marinas and new housing developments


All community corporations must have common property and for some land divisions this can be as minimal as a meter box or a driveway.


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Setting up new Community Developments

One of the parts of our work that we thoroughly enjoy is the establishment of new Community Corporations.


We help conveyancers and developers to meet the developers obligations under s79, 80 and 107 of the Community Titles Act and take purchasers through the First Statutory General Meeting using our expertise to explain Community Titles along with their rights and obligations as owners.


If you are a developer, conveyancer or owner in a Community Corporation that has not had its First Statutory General Meeting please contact us.


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