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Each Strata or Community Corporation has at least one meeting per year.

At Strata Management SA we are happy to hold the meeting where it is best for your corporation whether that is a lounge room or kitchen table in a unit, in a Community centre hall near the property or within our office.

Within our centrally located office at 209 Fullarton Road, Eastwood which we share with the Qattro group of companies, we have 4 meeting rooms available for use.

The meeting rooms at our office are available for our client corporations with no hire charge.

We do not charge hire for meeting rooms, nor do we charge for travel time to meetings, we are here to work with what is best for your corporation.

Our meeting rooms are of varying sizes and can comfortably hold 2-50 people.

Each of these meeting rooms are equipped with screens connected to our server allowing that information can be displayed.


Parking is located below the building and while there aren't too many parks available during the day when all office staff are in attendance there are approximately 30 parks available for after hours meetings with entry off of Fullarton Road.

Adelaide Strata
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