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How to Change your Strata Manager

We have been fielding queries from unit and lot owners recently advising that they are unhappy with non-responsive and expensive service received from their managers.

It is your choice with your fellow owners who manages your property.

We recommend that any issues that have arisen be discussed with your manager to see if these can be quickly rectified. If you cannot rectify issues with your manager then follow the steps below to change your manager.

Do you have a management agreement or contract in place?

These contracts are binding through until the expiration date which is usually the next Annual General Meeting, but often contain clauses allowing for either party to break the contract if a serious breach (such as non-performance of duties) has occurred.

Obtain details of your fellow owners

Many managers are unwilling to provide these but after changes to the legislation that came into effect on 28th October 2013 all are required to make the owners list available for viewing which means that you can visit your managers office and take a copy of these details. Your local council may also be able to provide the details to you.

Call an Extraordinary General Meeting

An Extraordinary General Meeting can be called under the Strata Titles Act 1988 by:

● The Secretary

● Any two members of the Management Committee (if you have one in place)

● One-­fifth of the owners

The meeting notice needs to be sent to all owners at least 14 days prior and will need to have appointment of manager on the agenda and at this meeting a simple majority of votes is required to cancel the services of the current manager and appoint another manager such as Strata Management SA.

If calling an Extraordinary General Meeting is not an option then at your next Annual General Meeting you can raise the point of moving to another management firm at the point on the agenda related to management such as appointment of body corporate manager.

Calling a meeting may sound like a daunting exercise but it is not complicated and we can assist you through the process.

If you would like to discuss any of these points or how Strata Management SA can assist you, please email or call our office on 83505699.

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