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Noisy Neighbours in Units

Noise issues arise in medium density living from time to time and one of the things we remind residents of properties of in communications is to be mindful of the impact of their actions on their neighbours.

There are many ways to deal with issues on a property but the best is always amicable communication with your neighbour. If this doesn’t work then where to from here depends on the issue and your status.

  • If it is noise or related to intimidation then please contact the police.

  • If you are a tenant then complaints should go through the property manager and if in relation to a breach of the Strata articles or Community by-laws then this should be sent by the property manager to the body corporate.

  • If you are an owner then directly to the corporation or the corporation manager if it is in relation to a breach of the by-laws.

It is important to stay calm and mindful of your neighbour when engaging in the conversation about their behaviour, to keep aggression out of the conversion and never resort to trespass or vandalism.

If the person causing the disturbance is a tenant, then Consumer and Business Services can offer advice and a potential resolution while Community Mediation Services are there to help with interpersonal disputes.

Should the noise complaint be ongoing it is important to keep a detailed written record at the time of the

incidents detailing where and what occurred, how it impacted on you and what action you took.

Are you having issues in relation to a property that we manage? If so, please let us know how we can help.

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