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Beating rising Electricity costs

We are all feeling the pinch of inflation, most noticeably when the checkout operator announces that the meager contents of the shopping trolley cost something inconceivable, or for this writer when I saw the dramatic increase in my September electricity bill.

While I had heard that electricity costs were rising sharply this financial year (an article can be read on this here), I had rather naively expected that my chat with my children about running heating or their computers while they run off doing other things like watching TV in another room would offset the rising costs.

While my household average daily usage dropped 25% over the same time last year (wearing Oodies through winter rather than running heaters throughout the house made the bulk of the difference in usage), the cost was still 10% higher than last year!

At Strata Management SA we understand that utility costs need to be managed for our client corporations and in 2021 we worked with an energy broker to save our client corporations money on common area electricity costs.

With this two year arrangement coming to an end this October we have again worked with the broker to negotiate for the best rates available for our clients.

At no cost to our valued clients we have been able to arrange a 22% discount on electricity usage and supply charge from retail rates which represents a total saving of approximately $71,000 across the properties we have the pleasure of assisting!

While it has been some work for our staff and the energy broker (which we noticed a competitor charging their clients for) we are extremely happy to be able to provide some cost relief to our clients and show the leadership that our clients deserve providing this service at no cost to our clients.


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