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What is a Strata Title?

In South Australia, the Strata Titles Act 1988 exists to provide a framework for the creation and management of strata titles, which is an important part of the property landscape in the state.

A strata title is a legal mechanism that allows for the ownership of individual units within a larger building or complex. This means that multiple owners can own individual units within a larger building, such as an apartment complex or a commercial building. Each owner has their own title for their individual unit, which gives them the right to use and manage their unit, as well as a share in the common areas of the building.

The Strata Titles Act 1988 sets out the legal requirements for the creation and management of strata titles in South Australia. The act outlines the process for creating a strata title, which involves subdividing a larger property into individual lots and creating a strata plan that outlines the boundaries of each lot and the common areas of the building.

The act also sets out the rights and responsibilities of strata title owners, including their obligations to pay strata levies, which are fees that cover the costs of maintaining and managing the common areas of the building. Strata title owners are also responsible for maintaining their own units, and they have the right to make alterations and improvements to their unit, subject to certain restrictions.

In addition, the act provides for the formation of a strata corporation, which is a legal entity that manages the common areas of the building on behalf of the strata title owners. The strata corporation is responsible for collecting strata levies, maintaining the common areas of the building, and enforcing the by-laws that govern the use of the building.

If you are an owner within a Strata Titled property or you are looking to buy a unit, we recommend taking a look at the Strata Titles legal guide published by the Legal Services Commission South Australia

Some other useful links can be seen on our website, while a link to the Act itself is here - Strata Titles Act 1988

Of course, if you are looking to involve a strata manager in helping you and your fellow owners, please contact our office, or you can request a quotation through our website


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