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Strata Improvement

Maintenance projects come in all shapes and sizes and the team at Strata Management SA are here to help.

Over the past four years we have been working with a client corporation of 23 units on the complete refurbishment of all units and common property which followed a large insurance claim.

The team at Strata Management SA recently visited the property to check on the progress of the rebuild which was extremely positive and allowed the Director overseeing this project the opportunity to share a view of apartment buildings that we generally do not get with the body corporate managers.

Adding to the complexity of this site was not only two insurance claims but also the requirement of the council to upgrade fire equipment and install water tanks on the property due to the lack of water pressure in the street which increased the cost of the works by approximately $1m.

A huge thank you goes to all owners, their management committee and the project manager who has done a sensational job in bringing this property toward completion along with Lannock Strata Finance who have been wonderfully flexible and a true partner for the corporation through the rebuilding process.

At this time, some units have been finished with stunning new bathrooms and kitchens, while others are closing in on completion and the team at Strata Management SA are looking forward to seeing tenants return to the building and a thriving community replacing the building site in the coming months.

It has been rewarding providing comfort, guidance and support to our clients through the challenging times faced throughout this project which has been an invaluable learning opportunity to assist our next clients.


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