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Body Corporate - All shapes and sizes

When many people think about Strata and Community title properties their first thought goes to apartments.

While it's true that new apartment buildings will be governed by the Community Titles Act 1996, the legislation also extends to cover many varied types of properties including housing estates, marinas, lifestyle villages and shopping centres.

At Strata Management SA we don't manage just one type of building, our experienced managers have managed all types of properties over the years and are currently working on housing estates, apartment buildings, shopping centres and lifestyle villages.

We appreciate that our clients allow us to be a part of their lives and property journey and our commitment is to treat owners with respect and ensure that we add value.

One exciting project that we are privileged to be a part of is the conversion of the St. Agnes winery to a housing estate which is being released as a staged development.

The First Statutory General Meeting was held for the first stage earlier this year and our General Manager, Paul Stephenson is proud to be the body corporate manager.

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