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Issues with Neighbours

I reside on a property that’s under a Community Title and have a few issues with the owners in the property next door. Could I please be advised how I do this?

Messages such as this are commonplace in our company email, particularly after a weekend through Spring/Summer when people are out and about enjoying their properties with barbecues, parties etc. but situations with neighbours can arise at any time.

Our response:

There are many ways to deal with issues on a property but the best is always amicable communication with your neighbour. If this doesn’t work then where to from here depends on the issue and your status within the property.

If it is excessive noise or related to intimidation then please contact the police without delay.

If you are a tenant then complaints should go through your property manager or landlord and if in relation to a breach of the community by-laws then this should be sent by that property manager/landlord to the body corporate.

If you are an owner then the communication in relation to any by-laws that have been breached should be sent directly to the corporation or the corporation manager.

Is this in relation to a property that we manage? If so, please let me know the address of the property and the appropriate manager will see how we can help.

The majority of these such complaints arise out of noise and while Strata Corporations have a simple article advising that a person must not make undue noise in or about any unit or the common property most sets of by-laws have similar by-laws in place.

Looking at one corporation we assist the by-law is:

The owner or occupier of a Community Lot shall not interfere with the quiet enjoyment of another Lot or the Common Property.

This corporation also has in place a by-law stating that a person who contravenes or fails to comply with a provision of these By-Laws is guilty of an offence. Maximum penalty: $500.00.

With these by-laws in place the corporations secretary/manager has reasonable ability to put pressure on residents causing disturbances for their neighbour which often leads to a peaceful resolution.

Please bear in mind that this information is general in nature and that the incidents occurring at properties differs as much as the by-laws in place to help them. While rules and regulations are great, nothing is as useful or powerful as polite communication with your neighbours.

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