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Individual water meters in Strata

I live in a Strata Title complex, a reasonably presented group of 3 bedroom houses that for the most part is quite enjoyable with friendly neighbours.

This morning I had thought to get the washing out early to take advantage of the breezy conditions and get the ironing of work shirts for the week taken care of before Sunday lunch with my mum coming around to play with her grandsons....unfortunately, my neighbour at the rear of my unit had thought the breezy conditions would make for a good time to water his lawn and inadvertently, my washing!

Now, no one likes their washing getting a free on-line rinse cycle, but my frustration here was the thought that not only was the sprinkler inconvenient but I was paying for the water used too!

Please note that it is standard for water in a strata corporation to be billed to the body corporate and owners therefore pay for the water either equally or inline with their unit entitlement values as a part of their quarterly levies.

With rising water costs over the past couple of years, it has become increasingly popular for Strata and Community Title properties to engage a company such as Strata Water Solutions to install individual water meters and manage the water invoicing which helps the residents who are conscious of saving water to also save money.

The water meter installation would work on my property where each unit has an isolation valve at the front as a water meter would just need to be installed at an upfront cost of approximately $300 just as the technician is doing on the unit below:

Strata Water Solutions receive the invoice from SA Water and read the meters on each unit, billing each unit for the exact amount of water that they have used. Their fees and charges are laid out simply on their website

This service is one that many of our clients find useful, and when the matter of installing individual water meters comes up we have no hesitation in asking Strata Water Solutions to attend the property and provide a quotation as their service has been fantastic to our mutual clients over many years.

You can read more about Strata Water Solutions here


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