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How do we train our Strata Community Specialists?

The training of Strata Community specialists is three-pronged and consists of:

  • In-house knowledge sharing

  • Industry & legislative updates

  • External service provider information and updates

The in-house training for our Strata Community Specialists (or body corporate managers) is handled in multiple ways, including at the commencement of employment, from inexperienced managers shadowing the managers with greater experience in order to see how they respond to matters.

All of the managers at Strata Management SA meet every Wednesday morning to go through matters of importance, from meeting with service providers who can provide benefit to our client corporations, to workshopping challenging situations and sharing ideas on effective communication or improving efficiency.

Each quarter the managers or Strata Community Specialists meet off-site to deep-dive into the philosophy of Strata Community service at Strata Management SA. These workshop sessions allow for the team to determine and adopt best practice as our normal.

We are proud members of Strata Community Association, the peak professional body for the Strata industry and our staff regularly attend webinars, seminars, lectures and the annual SANT symposium and national conference (which will this year be held in Darwin in early June).

Having an industry association which ensures that we have communication with the Government on legislation that impacts on the lives of our clients is critical. We understand that you only get out what you put in and our belief is that sharing our learnings with our industry colleagues allows the 'rising tide to lift all boats' and as such we are continually striving for training, development and improvement within our sector.

Strata Titles and Community Titles do not live in bubbles, they are impacted by many varying pieces of legislation and as such our Strata Community Specialists work with those in other industries to develop their skills and improve their knowledge in order to assist their client corporations.

Whether it is working with builders to broaden our building related knowledge to help corporations with maintenance, lawyers in order to help with debt collection or insurers to ensure that our clients assets are protected, we continue learning in order to help our clients achieve their goals.

After 21 years within Strata Community Management, our Director, Michael still finds that he is learning something new or refreshing an outdated belief regularly and our quest to continue developing understanding will never cease.

In April this year, Strata Community Association offered the A100, the 3-day introduction to Strata Community Management course to South Australian members. This course is the starting point on the accreditation pathway for Strata Community Managers and Strata Management SA was well represented with four of our managers working through the content within the group of 20 local strata professionals which helped to make the course a great success for the strata industry here in South Australia.

Pictured: Strata Community Managers Mark, Francesca, Sam & Lei with Strata Management SA Director Michael Haines who shared some of his insights and knowledge leading the sessions Committee meetings, Decision making and Strata Leadership


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