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Spring means Bees

The last two weekends have had glorious weather here in Adelaide and while the warmer weather is most appreciated, the flowers are in full bloom and that means bees will be out and about.

So far this month we have had a couple of calls about bees and are expecting more over the coming weeks.

Please note that if the bees are swarming there is no point calling someone out to deal with them, just give them time and they will settle somewhere, as shown below:

Once the bees have settled somewhere they can be dealt with, but who is responsible?

This depends on where they have settled.

If you’re in a Strata Corporation:

  • In common grounds or against the building the corporation will bear responsibility

  • In your unit subsidiary will come back to you as an owner occupier, but if you’re a landlord they are a tenant responsibility if a part of the rented property (assuming they weren’t there prior to the tenant moving in)

We recommend attending to these issues as soon as the bees settle. A few years back I was helping a group at Sheidow Park that had left bees unattended which lead to thousands of dollars in expenditure removing the honey, honeycomb and repairing the damage to the walls of the unit.

If you’re in a Community Corporation:

  • An apartment building is treated the same as a Strata shown above

  • A housing estate style group where your neighbours are alongside rather than above you will leave responsibility for removal from the building with the owner rather than the body corporate

If you have an issue with bees at your corporation please note exactly where the bees have settled and assess if this area accessible by the pest controller. Keep yourself safe around the bees and phone your body corporate managers office (not their mobile and dont email such an issue as calling the office will get the fastest response).

If you are a Strata Management SA client with a bee issue at the unit group please call our office on 8350 5699.

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