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Strata Management Careers

Last Friday, our director, Michael Haines had the pleasure of volunteering to staff the booth at the Careers and Employment Expo for Strata Community Australia along with two SCA staff members from the Eastern states.

Strata Community Australia are the peak body in Australia and New Zealand for managers, lot owners, tenants and stakeholders living in or affected by Strata Title, Body Corporate, Community Title and Owners Corporations.

Having worked in Strata for the past 20 years and having twice been elected to the South Australian board, Michael was excited to be able to share some of his experiences and help open the eyes of some young people to the possibilities of a career in a field that many had not previously heard of!

Seeking engagement with passers-by through the question "have you head about strata?" Michael was able to engage with hundreds of people in a five hour shift.

It was a pleasure to be able to assist the strata industry which is always seeking bright and energetic managers to work on the wide variety of properties being Community Titled across South Australia which includes highrise, residential housing estates, subdivisions, shopping centres, industrial complexes and marinas.


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