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Training Body Corporate Managers

At Strata Management SA we engage in regular in-house training sessions to help hone the skills of our team of body corporate managers and to strive for understanding of our philosophy and consistency in our messaging.

Every quarter, Paul, Michael and the team make use of a houseboat in one of the marinas we have the privilege of managing near Mannum in order to have the managers out of the office with training carried out without the interruption of phone calls and emails.

We would be hard pressed to get a more beautiful location than Mannum (even if it is cold on a winter morning) and the serenity provided by the location on the water allows the team to focus on the sharing of information and ideas which is designed to allow all of our team to learn from each other.

We are blessed at Strata Management SA to have the current team of body corporate managers with Michael, Paul, David, Lei & Francesca having a combined 53 years experience which allows for training sessions to drill into detail on how we can best assist our client corporations.

On Friday, 24th June the team discussed a board agenda, including:

  • Expectations that clients have of Strata Management SA

  • Expectations that Strata Management SA has of its body corporate managers

  • Visiting properties for site familiarization to help our clients more

  • Meeting Preparation to make for better meetings

  • Accurate documentation for work orders

With the recent CHU Strata Insurance Symposium attended by Michael, the team also went through a discussion of the current insurance market and it’s implications for our clients with owners as policyholders.

There has been a great number of corporations that have recently selected to appoint Strata Management SA in the past month (with 5 corporations joining just last week) and our managers discussed and refined the onboarding process to more promptly visit these properties, meet their management committees and help the corporations move forward.

With a pleasant team lunch at the Pretoria Hotel to break up the morning and afternoon sessions, the training day was an enjoyable escape from the day-to-day in the office while also being an extremely useful tool to ensure that we provide the best service possible to our clients while contributing to our continual learning culture.

Having grown from nothing to servicing 4000 unit/lot owners in South Australia over the past 8 years, our training is of critical importance to us in ensuring that all of our body corporate managers learn the lessons available to better help our clients into the future.

Working with our great team with people who enjoy what they do makes it an enjoyable and productive learning experience.


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