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Unparalleled results in country housing estate

In January this year we took on a housing estate in Wallaroo that had been previously serviced by three different management companies in its 16 years.

Upon first glance it looked like the corporation was paying a lot for insurance and as the manager working with this corporation I was surprised that it was with a broker I hadn’t heard of and the insurance had been placed with an insurer that doesn’t normally work with this style of property.

In February I met with the Management Committee on a Saturday morning which was wonderful. I drove to Wallaroo on the Friday evening, stayed at a nearby caravan park and while I spent the Saturday morning at the property the rest of the weekend was devoted to rest and relaxation with my wife and two boys who had such a great weekend that they can’t wait for the next one!

The committee comprised a good mix of those living in the property and those from Adelaide using it for weekends and holidays but the one thing all members showed was a desire to maintain and improve their property.

The committee noted that the local council would allow additional dumping of the corporation's green waste at no charge if owners provided rates’ notices to the corporation and we happily contacted owners and collated these.

The committee also advised that they had been asking their previous managers to contact the electricity providers to arrange a discount that did not appear to have been carried out across the 6 electricity accounts in place at this property.

We undertook to contact the electricity retailer and after a few hours of work over a couple of weeks were able to obtain a discount on all six of the accounts.

The insurance renewal turned out to be an incredible saving for the Corporation, all while moving to a specialist Strata & Community Title insurer who is a multiple ANZIIF Gold award winner and who understands Community Titles through our broker, Honan Insurance Group who look for the best options for every corporation we work with ahead of renewal.

In addition to the savings on the above, our Management Fees were cheaper than the previous company and the savings obtained are as follows:

  • Management Fees $2354.00

  • Insurance $8104.05

  • Electricity $670.00

  • TOTAL $11,128.05

While the savings listed here are relevant to this property only and we cannot guarantee this for every corporation, our approach is based on providing value to our client corporations which we achieve through:

  • Prudent Advice

  • Prompt Assistance

  • Following through with delivery

If you haven’t been getting this level of service for your corporation it is time to consider Strata Management SA and contact our office on 8350 5699 or

We are here to help those who want our help.

photograph taken near North Beach looking back toward beautiful Wallaroo


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