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What is after-hours emergency maintenance?

Strata Management SA have partnered with HPG Insurance & Maintenance works to provide a professional 24/7, after-hours, emergency maintenance service for our clients.

As a new home builder, insurance panel repairer and emergency maintenance service provider, HPG have a wonderful network of licensed, insured contractors acting under instructions from their supervisors.

With the contractors understanding what is an urgent repair, we note the following items are what our Body Corporate Managers expect to be emergency maintenance jobs for the Strata & Community Titled properties that we work with:

  • Burst water pipe

  • Blocked drains impacting use of plumbing services

  • Serious water leaks whether from a burst pipe or through a roof during storms (please bear in mind that the contractor will not be able to get on the roof unless it is safe to do so)

  • Fire or flooding damage

  • Failure of essential services such as water, power etc (we recommend checking that other units have the same issue prior to calling as if the matter is not common property the corporation will need to on-charge this work)

  • Any fault which is making the property unsafe or not secure (such as a break-in or given the high winds this morning causing tree branches to fall which may have come down on a unit)

You can see more on emergency Strata maintenance services here:


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